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world renowned earopean Psychic reader~ accurate love readings with love and relationships ~ true soulmates


Best online psychics at Tarot Psychics on love, romance, jobs and career! - 4/4/2006

Tarot Readings by Marie!
Accurate caring tarot readings, specializing in love, romance, jobs and career. - 4/4/2006

Terry Kite-Gifted Psychic-Intuitive-Clairvoyvoyant
Terry has been a gifted Psychic Clairvoyant for 25 years. Her work is healing, accurate, and provides much hope in every area of your life. - 4/4/2006

The Psychic Bitch
Psychic Bitch brings you absolutely FREE psychic readings and the absolute truth. It is also FREE to get offended. All FREE readings will be posted at the web site. - 4/4/2006

The Psychic Vortex
Janet Sparrow (Moon) gives accurate tarot and astrology readings at low prices. Win a free psychic reading in the contest. - 4/4/2006

The Psychics Mall
A wonderful free online directory of psychics and new age healers of all kinds. - 4/4/2006

The Waxing of the Moon
Crazy about Tarot - Find the only real Tarot Board Game; Slide Show Tarot Course; and free stuff. Lady Desiree Tigree, third generation Tarot Card Reader does chat and email readings - 4/4/2006

Universal Psychic Guild
Universal Psychic Guild provides free Psychic readings, dream interpretation, spiritual & health info, Free horoscopes, astrology reports, live chat rooms to make your life happier & more successful - 4/4/2006

Psychic readings by phone or email. Choose from over 100 topics or create your own. Love, job, angels, dreams, past life, direction, health. Professional, caring psychics. Free psychic reading offer. - 4/4/2006

Accurate Psychic Soulmate Reader
Top 5 Star Psychic Reader Soulmate Specialist Helping People Around the world. Find out who is Your True Soulmate - 4/4/2006

Ancient Paths Into The Future
Psychic Tarot Reader and Legally Ordained Preist, Rev. Troy Rawls brings 20 years reading expirence and the knowledge of the Ancients to you in order to bring healing and balance in to your life. - 4/4/2006

Ancient Paths Modern Ways Spiritual Advisors
Specialists in aspects of Ancient Wisdom including but not limited to Astrology, Psychic Readings, Clairvoyance, Reiki, Tarot, Mediumship, Healing, Spirit Guides,Chakra and More! - 4/4/2006

Ask Clair - Readings
Psychic Readings and Tarot card Readings by Clair, a professional psychic - 4/4/2006

Astral Trail : Affordable Psychic, Tarot Readings
FREE online psychic chat, psychic readings, tarot readings, FREE daily tarot, FREE psychic predictions, tarot spreads, articles & more! - 4/4/2006

Authentic Online Readers Psychics Network
Information / guidance using palmistry, numerology, tarot, astrology. Experienced, professional psychic readers. Articles on spiritual issues, personal growth, free horoscope, newsletter, events diary - 4/4/2006

Caring Professional Clairvoyant Empathic Medium
Caring Professional Psychic Empathic Medium. Readings by instant messenger, email or telephone. - 4/4/2006

Clairvoyant Readings
Gifted genuine clairvoyant online and phone readings. - 4/4/2006

FREE Tarot Card Readings
FREE Tarot Card Readings from a professional Tarot Reader with over 25 years of experience... - 4/4/2006

George Ministeri's Psychic Readings
Receive accurate, detailed psychic readings. Let George Ministeri's psychic readings give you the guidance you need to make the right choice. - 4/4/2006

Greg Mirkin
Take the first step to reveal your destiny now. Receive Greg Mirkin's chart with accurate personal details about your life and future. - 4/4/2006

Guiding Light
Psychic & Mediumship Development Resources Including Chakras, Spirit Guides, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Auras, Dreams, Tarot, Meditation, Obe, Pendulums, Psychometry And Much More. - 4/4/2006

Gypsy Wisdom
This site offers psychic and card readings by Cristina Aguilar, highly rated online psychic. - 4/4/2006

Honest Online Psychic Readings
Sedra offers inexpensive email readings, live psychic chats, psychic readings by phone and live video tarot readings. Special offer for first time clients. - 4/4/2006

In-depth and Accurate Psychic Readings
Certified Psychic and Gifted Clairvoyant. Horoscopes, Numerology, Tarot, Runes and I Ching. FREE Love Spells, Occult Secrets and Dream Dictionary. FREE Psychic Reading. - 4/4/2006

Live online psychic truth.
Psychic and tarot readings, via phone, chat, email or in person. Scorpiosage will help you see the obstacles ahead, and advise you on how to get through them, with sound psychic advice. - 4/4/2006

Live Psychic Tarot and Astrology Readings
Are you looking for a sensitive psychic reading, advice or help? If you answered, yes, then a live psychic reading, tarot reading or astrology reading with Malcolm could help you - 4/4/2006

Love Spells And Magic Spells By Jezebel
Powerful love spells, magic spells, psychic guidance and occult services by Love Spells Witch Jezebel. - 4/4/2006

Love Spells and Psychic Tarot Readings by Madame
Love spells and money spells performed by expert in Witchcraft and Voodoo. Free Psychic Tarot Card readings. Love potions and voodoo dolls available. - 4/4/2006

Marie Medium/Clairvoyant Healer
Using the Tarot and Crystals as spiritual tools and my spiritual guides to unveil the Mysteries within you to empower your relationships. - 4/4/2006

Marie Simpson: Psychic Medium
Marie Simpson provides accurate readings about relationships, finances and your angels. Try the Psychic Abilities Test! A FREE reading won every month. - 4/4/2006

Mastered in Spiritual therapy and Channeling
Spiritual and metaphysics Services offered with Psychic and Tarot Readings. I have studied internationally, I am a Intuitive psychic Reader With over 8 years Experience with soulmates. - 4/4/2006

Mystic Dana's Spiritual Tarot Readings
Mystic Dana offers quality readings to deeply focus on your concerns. Receive honest, detailed answers for empowerment and insightful guidance. Mention this link and save $5 off a 30-minute reading! - 4/4/2006
Scottish fortune teller Mysticali personally offers to find you the answers to your questions in her cards. - 4/4/2006

Portal To All Things Metaphysical
Mystic-Web - the perfect place to come to for all your metaphysical resources. Find Mystics, Healers and Seers and chat online in our psychic community about the Paranormal and Spirituality. - 4/4/2006

Psychic Centre
If you are looking for a Psychic Reading from Sue top British Medium or would like to learn more about spiritualism,share your experiences with the likeminded people, you have found the right website. - 4/4/2006

Psychic Junction! Accurate Psychics, Online/Email
Our Phenomenal Mediums, Clairvoyants, Astrologers, Healers and Tarot Card Readers are Professionals that are committed to ethical and illuminating readings! - 4/4/2006

Psychic Marie!
Very accurate psychic readings, especially on love, jobs and career. - 4/4/2006

Psychic Masters
Psychic Reading by chat or e-mail, satisfaction Guaranteed! - 4/4/2006

Psychic Readings
Linda Dalton is an authentic psychic counselor. Gain spiritual insight from her reading of the Tarot, as well as practical advice from her life experience. - 4/4/2006

Psychic Readings - Psychics - Free Psychics
Free and low cost psychic readings by top rated five star psychic advisors via email , phone or chat. Online Eclectic directory and shopping portal. - 4/4/2006

Psychic Readings by Nora Devan
I provide Psychic readings by live cam chat, phone & email. Free sample readings on my forums, horoscopes, Tarot, Rune and I-Ching oracles & ecards free! - 4/4/2006

Psychic Readings by Rev. Jeff, Clairvoyant
Affordable, accurate and insightful psychic readings by Rev. Jeff, 18-years experience and Member, Ethical Readers Assoc. Also, Angel & Tarot Readings, Free Reiki Training, Free Articles and more! - 4/4/2006

Psychic Sights Search Directory
A free searchable directory for all things spiritual, metaphysical and psychic in nature! Webmasters increase your traffic and add your link for free! - 4/4/2006

Spiritual Psychic and Love Tarot Readings
Spiritual readings consist of a combination of spiritual tools Clairvoyance energy, using the Tarot and Crystals only as to reveal the truth. - 4/4/2006

Spiritually Me - Get a real FREE Psychic Reading!
Life is hard, and some times we just need someone to help us see things that we can't. I am Ivy, I'm here to help you through difficult times. Come to my site and register for a free reading. - 4/4/2006

Starlight Dreams
Channeling helps people find their higher direction as well as helping them achieve it. Let my guides offer you their loving guidance on all aspects of your life. - 4/4/2006

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