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Intuitive Psychic Reader
Tarot Reader/Psychic/Paranormal Investigator/Teacher/Spiritual Priest

Greetings Seekers
      I am the Reverend Troy D. Rawls also known as Lord Ravyn Osiris, High Priest, Quantum Theologian, Shamanic Psychic, Tarot Reader and Energy Worker.
I have been a natural psychic all my life. Ever since I can remember I could foretell events that were to come and I have been a Necro-Empath which means I could see and communicate with the spirit realm.
As I grew up these gifts continued to and in my late teens I also discovered that I had the ability to naturally hypnotize people and take them back into past lives. I have since spent a great portion my life studying and developing these Divine given abilities and using them to help guide, teach and heal others.
I have always been amazed that it seemed people around me always sought me out for help with the problems that troubled their minds and souls. Why people always felt that they could tell me anything, secure in the knowledge I would not judge them. Now later in my life I have found out why.

      I have known all my life that I was meant to be a teacher, healer and member of the priesthood. I have always had the calling. This is something I worked very hard to fulfill. I studied under many of the wises teachers, where my studies took me through many diverse subjects such as theology, comparative world religions, the origins of religions, parapsychology, human behavior, the ancient mystery schools, divination, spellworking, high magick, herbalism, physics and quantum theory. Now I never felt any connection with mainstream religion, though I studied it thoroughly. So I began a study of the ancient belief systems. That of the ancient mystics and shamans and found the answer to my calling there. It then I knew that this was the path I must walk and I knew this was why I was given my abilities. To help bring love, light, healing, understanding and balance to all those around me and into this world. Now at this point in my life I know it's time to serve the Divine Creator and offer my services to the earth and all her children whom would seek my guidance.
These include: